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Nice Titted Blondes Gyno Session

Tina is dreading her gyno exam check up and not because the Doctor is one huge pervert oh no, what she is fearing is her lack of bowel control she seems to always break wind every time she is getting her pussy examined by the Doctor. He doesn’t care and often laughs about it but well for Tina it’s more than a little embarrassing, but today well so far that is she hasn’t had it happen once, and she can’t believe it. She thinks it has something to do with the Doctor. Today he has been so smooth with his hands. She thinks because he has caressed her naked body, she has overcome her own fear of the Gyno exam either way she is very happy.

Nice Titted Blondes Gyno Session

So now she can relax and get the rest of the Vaginal exam done, and it’s the longest, the Doctor seems to always take extra time when it comes to checking out her pussy it is a gyno exam but well he must just want to ensure everything is looking ok doesn’t he? Well actually he is a big pervert, but he also does a good job as he can feel these bitches up while getting his own thrills, come and see what I am talking about watch some Gyno exam movies now click here.

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