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Cuban girl Manuela gets first gyno exam

Being Cuban and not having any money Manuela doesn’t have many choices when it comes to gyno exams, that’s why she is at this particular Doctors office today. He met her at the local supermarket and promised that he wouldn’t charge her anything for a free gyno exam, all she needed to do was to bring herself and that sexy cute Cuban pussy of hers. Manuela was very shy she had never had an up close gyno exam before, and she was a little worried it might hurt, but the Doctor assured her it would be over quikcly and wouldn’t hurt at all, in fact, she might even enjoy it. She didn’t know what he ment by that comment but she soon will.

Cuban girl Manuela gets first gyno exam

Manuela laid herself down on the exam table with her legs tightly closed she didn’t know she had to open them so the Doctor had to tell her to spread her legs open for him, Then he glided his soft hands over the top of her vagina and then slowly he eased his hands right onto her pussy. Manuela was getting a little aroused, and she was embarresed but the Doctor told her this happens sometimes and not to be worried. Byt the end of the gyno exam Manuela was very interested in it all, and she wasn’t worried anymore at all, come and watch her full gyno exam now click here.

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