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Amatuer Vanessa Getting Pussy Check Up

Vanessa isn’t the hottest girl around, but she knows how to get a man when she wants one, but she has been fucked by some pretty big cocks over the years, so she wanted to ensure her Vagina was in good working order so she made an appointment with her Gyno Exam Doctor. She knew he was good with girls pussies and if anyone knew if her pussy needed some work doing on it then he would. Vanessa was called into the examination room, she was very eager to get this started quickly so without even asking she started taking her clothes off. The Doctor didn’t mind at all, in fact, he was too busy checking out her hot little ass.

Amatuer Vanessa Getting Pussy Check Up

After she explained that her pussy had been fucked hardcore by some large cocks, and she wanted to make sure it was still working fine the Doctor told her to lay down and he would check her over, he put on a rubber glove and slowly inserted one of his fingers inside her Vagina, she started moaning and the Doctor asked her how it felt. She told him it felt good, and he decided to give her another finger. Vanessa was getting aroused and asked him what was going on. He simply said he needed her to get wet to see just how good her pussy was looking. This sounded fine to her, so she let him continue his exam even though she felt like she was going to orgasm come and watch the rest of the exam now click here.

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